Welcome to OpenKIM Pipeline’s documentation!

The OpenKIM pipeline is the backbone of the computational resources that the KIM project will use. The goal is to provide a reliable provenance for the computational results that are central to the goals of KIM. The pipeline will run verification checks and tests for every model in order to best compare and understand the uses of interatomic models. The results of these tests must be reproducable and their origins trusted so that it may become a resource to the scientific community.

In order to do so, we have designed a system that relies on many standard software packages that allow us to abstract locations and hardware to provide standard computational resources that have very little overhead to instantiate. The key ingredients to the project are listed below.


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Set this up for port forwarding

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create the debugdeveloper.py script which finds all matches and runs them for one test

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provide a method to get a sample repository into the boxes to start with

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Read from /persistent/username and /persistent/sitename

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